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Desk Safety And Skill Enhancement Training Course

  • 1) Personal Safety and Safe Working Practices On Board Vessel.
  • 2) Dealing with Various Emergencies On Board Vessel.
  • 3) Communication Practice to Be Followed On Board Vessel.
  • 4) Familiarization of Enclosed Space Entry Permit, Hot Working Permit and Working Aloft Permit.
  • 5) Safety Precaution to Be Taken During
    • A) Handling Different Types of Hand Tools.
    • B) Overhauling of Engine Room Machineries and Equipments Such As Pumps and valves.
    • C) Seaman Ship Practice Such As Pilot Ladder Rigging, Wire Roap Splicing, Mooring Roap Splicing Etc.
    • D) Handling Lifting Equipments Such As Chain Block Pulleys, Cranes Etc
    • E) Handling Deck Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipments.
    • F) Securing Heavy Objects in Engine Room and On Deck.
    • G) Electric Arc Welding And Gas Cutting operations.