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Machinery Overhauling Course

  • 1) Personal Safety and Safe Working Practices On Board Vessel.
  • 2) Correct use of Measuring Instrument like Vernier Caliper, inside and out Side Micro MeteAr nd Dial Gauges. And Other Measuring Instrument.
  • 3) Principal and Application of Various Types of Valves Such As Gate Valve, Globe Valve, butterfly Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve. And Pressure Regulating Valve Main Engine Air Starting Valve, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Directional Control Valves boiler Safety Valves, Boiler Gauge Glass, And Boiler Burner.
  • 4) Pump Theory, Overhauling Of Two Stage Centrifugal Pump, Horigantal and Vertical Gear PumpcrSew Pump, Wilden Pump, Main Engine Fuel Injection Pump Portable FRAMO Pump, alignment Of Booster Pump With The Motor With Dial Gauge.
  • 5) Overhauling Of Centrifugal Purifier, Main Air Compressor, and Auxiliary EnginTeurbocharger. And Electric Motor.
  • 6) Overhauling Of Auxiliary Engine Cylinder Head, Piston Connecting Rod Assembly, FuePlump, And Fuel Ejection Pump Attached Lube Oil And Jacket Cooling Water Pump.
  • 7) Dye Penetration Test of Connecting Rod, Calibration of Cylinder Liner and Piston Piston Rings EtCc.hecking And Adjusting Rocker Arm Tappet Clearances And Fuel Injection Timings.
  • 8) Use of Taps And Dies Thread Extractor. Alignment of Motor Bearing Covers on Lathe Machine For reconditioning.
  • 9) Overhauling of Hydraulic Motor And pneumatic motor.
  • 10) Electric Arc Welding Practice In Flat And Vertical Position.
  • 11) Auxiliary Engine Crankshaft Deflection and Plotting Of Graph.