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Welding Skill Upgradation Course

  • 1) Personal Safety and Safe Working Practices On Board Vessel.
  • 2) Safe Working Practice during Electric Arc Welding, Gas Welding and Gas Cutting Operation.
  • 3) Under Stand Hot Work Permit And Enclosed Space Permit.
  • 4) Basic Welding Theory, Types of Various Types of Welding Electrode Nomenclature Etc.
  • 5) Electric Arc Welding Practice In 1 G , 2 G , 3 G , 4 G.
    And Cast-iron Welding Practice On Cast Iron Plate
  • 6) Fabrication of Bracket from Angle, Railing from ¾Inch Pipe with the Help of Hydraulic Bender.
  • 7) Practice of Marking for Fabrication of Elbows and Reducer from Straight Pipe.
  • 8) Gas Cutting Practice on Plate in Straight and Circular Direction.
  • 9) Gas Welding Practice On Mild Steel Rod And Copper Pipe With Brass Rod.