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Online Training Course

Torque Technics Training Institute, Mumbai has always been endeavouring in imparting practical training in various fields of Marine Engineering. We have designed Online Practical Interactive Training Sessions. Staying safe at home, you can avail the Practical Training on various Machineries and Equipment's with our LIVE INTERACTIVE SESSIONS.

Each session comprises Basic Introduction. Overhauling of Machinery, Troubleshooting followed by Questions and Answers.

Following are the courses we have designed :

1] Machineries Overhauling 25 Sessions 3 Hours
2] Generator Engine Overhauling 5 Sessions 4 Hours
3] Purifier Compressor Turbocharger Overhauling 3 Sessions 4 Hours
4] Purifier Compressor Overhauling 1 Session 6 Hours
5] Aux. Engine & Main Engine Fuel Pump Overhauling 1 Sessions 6 Hours