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Technical Skill Upgradation Course

  • 1) Personal Safety and Safe Working Practices On Board Vessel.
  • 2) Correct Of Measuring Instrument like Vernier Caliper, Inside And Out Side Micro Meter And Dial Gauges.
  • 3) Principal and Application of Various Types of Valves Such As Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Butterfly Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve.
    And Ball Valve
  • 4) Overhauling of Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pump, Vane Pump, Screw Pump, wilden Pump.
  • 5) Overhauling Of Centrifugal Purifier, Main Air Compressor, and Auxiliary Engine Turbocharger. And Electric Motor.
  • 6) Dismantling And Assembly of Auxiliary Engine Piston Connecting Rod Dye Penetration Test Of Connecting Rod Calibration of Cylinder Liner and, Piston Rings Etc.
  • 7) Overhauling Of Auxiliary Engine Cylinder Head Mounting Such As Suction and Discharge Valve Air Starting Valve Fuel Ejector Cleaning Of Auxiliary Engine Lube Oil Cooler.
  • 8) Overhauling Of Auxiliary Engine Fuel Pump.
  • 9) Design and Fabrication of Fuel Injector Jacking Tools Cement Box Copper Pipe Line with Ferule and Cap nuts.
  • 10) Overhauling Of Electric Motor, Hydraulic Ram Cylinder and Butterfly Valve Actuator.
  • 11) Lathe Machine Skill up Gradation in Turning, Facing, V and Square Thread Cutting and Grooving.
  • 12) Fabrication of Cement Box Ferruling and Flaring Of Copper Tue.