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Marine Electrical Course

Marine Electrical Course

This marine electrical course is covering advanced aspects of shipboard electrical knowledge, this workshop, conducted in a dedicated laboratory, provides theoretical information, intensive hands-on training and group discussions leading to improvement in competence and confidence in handling and troubleshooting electrical equipment. The participant is exposed to intensive practical training, both, in actually wiring up several types of starters and also in troubleshooting faults induced in them.

Extensive tracing of various different types of electrical circuits of shipboard machinery is carried out. This helps the participant to gain confidence in his ability to trace complex circuits. Practice on a fully equipped and functional Boiler control panel further develops his ability to trace circuits, locate and rectify faults induced therein.

• A.C. Fundamentals
• Generator construction
• Generation of power and parallel operation of generators
• Hazardous zones.
• Layout of M.S.B. and E.S.B.'s
• Air Circuit Breaker -safeties and maintenance
• Motors -types, construction and characteristics
• Starters -DOL and reduced voltage starters, symbols and maintenance
• Secondary batteries -maintenance
• Cathodic protection
• Tracing various shipboard electrical circuit diagrams
• Understand the use of flowchart in relation to electrical sequence diagram & tracing of ship board circuits as in group starter panels,feeder panels etc
• Case studies of actual shipboard incidents/accidents related electrical faults

• Measuring Instruments -multimeter, tong tester, Megger digital insulation tester etc.
• Study of various electrical equipment -contactors, relays, timers etc.
• Wiring of Star Delta Starter.
• Demonstration of Soft starter
• Troubleshooting on different types of starters-DOL / star-delta / reversible /auto change-over etc.
• Testing of diodes, transistors, capacitors etc.
• Trouble Shooting On Main Air Compressor Starter Panel
• Trouble Shooting On Ballast Pump Soft starter Panel
• Practical On Testing Of Various Types Of Fire Sensors And Alarm
• Practical on Testing Various Types of Pressure Switches, Transducers, Pyrometers, Level Sensors.
• Practical on Battery Charger Panel.