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Workshop Skill Upgradation Course for Deck Cadets

  • 1) Personal Safety and Safe Working Practices On Board Vessel.
  • 2) Principal and Application of Various Types of Valves Such As Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Butterfly Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve. And Ball Valve, And Centrifugal Pump Overhauling.
  • 3) Under Stand the Operation of Portable Sand Blasting Machine wilden Pump Chipping Machine
    And Overhauling Of Same.
  • 4) Seamen Ship with Practical on Various Type of Knots, Rigging of Pilot Ladder, Self Lowering Bosun Chair, Staging, Wire and Hawser Rope Splicing.
  • 5) Practical on Hydro Blast Machine.
  • 6) Basic Theory and Practical of Electric Arc Welding.
  • 7) Basic Theory And Practical Of Gas Cutting For Straight, Zigzag , And Circular Motion.
  • 8) Fabrication of Flange with PCD Marking and Drilling.
  • 9) Fabrication of Bracket with Using Gas Cutting and Arc Welding Equipment.